What is Meditation? – Part 2

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Girl practicing mindfulness meditation outdoor in a park.

In the last post we discussed  a little science as well as the ancient roots of meditation within religions, to its emergence in pop culture within western cultures. For example, the transcendental meditation movement which The Beatles followed.

Meditations and prayer are strong partners and connect us to our spirituality. There are others that see meditation separate to their religion or faith.





Loving and Kindness

Child girl in the Park. Yoga at sunset in the park. Girl is practicing yoga.

Girl in the Park. Yoga at sunset in the park. Girl is practicing yoga.

The spirit can be seen as existing on levels of “consciousness” or “enlightenment.” Whether there are 4,5,6 or any other number, the basic idea is for your levels to rise to gain traits of enlightenment. Again, without adopting any school of thought, we can all understand this in our personal lives. Are we stressed? Jealous? Frustrated? Greedy or lazy? What will make you better? What is your pass to enlightenment?

For me, the most surprising was to build empathy, accessed by loving and kindness of meditation. Through meditation, I discovered a more humble, “check what it’s like to be in their shoes first,” approach to life. I’m much more sympathetic to others viewpoints then in the past.

Maybe the physical and spiritual mind are separated only by Yin from Yang.

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